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In an original approach to price requests, new ransomware calling itself ‘NitroRansomware’ encrypts the victim’s data and requires a Discord Nitro gift code to decrypt data.

While Discord is available, they give a Nitro subscription add-on for $9.99 per month that offers extra perks, such as higher files uploadsHD video streamingenhanced emojis, and the capacity to boost your server. Therefore, its users enjoy added functionality as well.

When buying a Nitro subscription, users can use it to their account or get it as a gift for different users. If gifting, the buyer will be provided with an URL in the format https://discord.gift/[code], which can next be given to other Discord users.

Gifting a Nitro subscription

The great message is that ransomware does not do a big job protecting its decryption code, and users can retrieve their data for free.

But, the sad message is that the fulmination actor will hopeful have previously stolen a user’s Discord gift.

Due to that, users affected by this ransomware should quickly improve their Discord key if their account has been agreed.

You are introducing the most original & most reliable way to show your love! Nitro Gifting is here!

You can instantly gift regularly & yearly subscriptions of Nitro & Nitro Classic. You’re more working to want a comfortable & relaxed way to share & distribute these gifts, so we made that likewise!

To begin, start into your User Settings > Discord Nitro. You’ll see Gift a month/year choices now, looking under the area you’d buy yourself Nitro.

This notice will also rise to show you that you’re buying a 🎁 gift of Nitro.

Simplistic & easy! Once the refund is finished, you’ll then be performed with a shareable link that’ll allow different users to maintain Nitro’s gift. Afford this link with that successful notable & they’ll be ready to claim this gift!

Once a gift of Nitro has been required by a different user, you (or this user) won’t be ready to unclaim the gift. Our relief team is weak to declare a refund for a deserved Nitro gift. Our official refund policy implements, but only for an unclaimed Nitro gift.


If you manage to User Settings > Gift Inventory, you’ll notice your unclaimed Nitro gift here. You’ll be ready to cancel a Nitro gift link & create a new one.

Supercritical to see that once you distribute this link with a different user, that user will be capable of claiming this Nitro gift. Be careful to not share this link with someone you do not wish to make this claim!

dope, here’s a gift

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

how to gift discord nitro?

You’re also going to want a convenient & easy way to share & manage these gifts, so we built that too! To start, head into your User Settings > Discord Nitro. You’ll notice Gift a month/year options now appearing under the area you’d buy yourself Nitro.

how to gift someone discord nitro?

friend on DM or a direct message which I already have right here then you want to go on the bottom right corner, and you want to click the gift icon right here, and then you want to choose which the payment plan you want, you can use the throughs at $9.99 or the 99.99, so for this one, I’m going to do it for the $9.99 so you want to click select, then you want to choose a payment method.

I’m going to select credit card, but if you’re going to choose PayPal, it’s going to bring you to another window and make you sign in and all that, but for now, we’re going to do credit cards way to click on that and then yeah basically you guys want to fill in your credit card information all that stuff fill in all that, and once you get that filled in you click Next and then basically, you confirm your payment and all that and yeah your gift will be sent to your friend

discord how to gift nitro?

If you’re already logged into your account on the browser or desktop version of the Discord app, you can easily claim a gift! If you’re in a DM or server in Discord and you’ve received a gift link, you can directly click on the green “Accept” button that’s tied to the gift!

how to gift nitro for free discord?

Nitro Gifting is here! You can now gift monthly & yearly subscriptions of Nitro & Nitro Classic. You’ll notice Gift a month/year options now appearing under the area you’d buy yourself Nitro.

how do i generate the nitro gift link on discord?

How do you use a Discord Nitro code Generator?

  1. Log into Discord and select Library from the left menu.
  2. Select Gift Inventory and Redeem Code.
  3. Enter your 19 digit code into the box and hit Redeem.
  4. Select Nitro from the left menu to see if the code has been successful.

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