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Discord Nitro Boosting

Discord Nitro Boosting is a freemium application available on PC, Mac and mobile devices, all you have to do to get started is download the application and create a free account. Although the base model is free, there are updates or “boosters” in the world of Discord, such as Nitro Boosts and Server Boosts.

Nitro only improves the impact of your own account, but it travels with you to all the servers that you are a member of. On the other hand, Discord Nitro Boosting server boosts only apply to the powered server, but everyone on the server benefits while on that particular server, whether they have Nitro or not. Continuing with my previous blog on Discord for Business, we will look at these two offerings from a business point of view.

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Discord Nitro Boosting

Discord Nitro Boosting

A Nitro boost costs $ 9.99 per month or $ 99 per year (gives you two months free if you pay all at once). Nitro gives your account a few cosmetic extras, such as:

  1. custom discord labels
  2. Cartoon
  3. Custom emojis

But the main attraction of Nitro for businessmen is that the boost also gives you some performance improvements:

Download 100MB instead of the standard 8MB
HD screen sharing and video streaming
2 free server upgrades (30% off any other server upgrade you wish to purchase while your nitro subscription is active).

Discord Nitro Boosting Reinforcements

The cost of a server upgrade is $ 4.99 per month, which is a bit more complicated; There are three levels of server promotion.

Top-notch server upgrade

  • 128 kbps audio quality (free Discord accounts get 64 kbps – 96 kbps)
  • 720P 60fps video for live streaming and screen sharing
    The problem is that to get to level “1”, you have to buy two server boosters (~ $ 10 per month).

Enhanced level two server

  • Everything from the first level
  • 256 kbps sound quality
    1080P 60fps video for live streaming and screen sharing
    50MB upload limit for file sharing
    For the second tier, you need to purchase 15 server augmentations (about $ 75 per month).

Strengthen the third level dispute

  • Everything from the second level
  • 384 kbps audio quality
    100MB download limit
  • Custom URL that some companies may want to make it look more professional

For the third tier, you need to purchase 30 server augmentations (about $ 150 per month).
Remember that a Nitro subscription only gives you the benefits, and a server boost gives them all, but only on the server of your choice. So from a business standpoint, you might think that server upgrades are the way to go, but Nitro might make more sense.

If you have a team of 15 people, a Nitro boost for all of them will give you the 30 server boosts you need to move your server to level 3, plus anyone gets the cosmetic add-ons and perks on other servers. If paid per month, it costs around $ 150 per month for 15 people or around $ 150 per month for 30 server augmentations. And if you pay $ 99 per year for 15 people, you end up costing $ 99 per month for 15 Nitros.

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Discord Nitro Boosting

Another option you might consider is for a person to get Nitro for $ 99 per year and then add to the 28 server boosts needed to upgrade the server at the 30% discount you get with Nitro, which makes it $ 98 per month, so with the $ 99 you paid for the year, the monthly cost is now ~ $ 107 per month. So it’s worth considering how many team members you have and the benefits you really need to make the best decision on which way to go with boosters.

So hopefully this blog provides enough information to decide what is best for your situation, but if you need more details, Discord has a pretty in-depth list of all the features on their site, you can learn more about Nitro boosts here. and the server increases here. .

Are you ready to take Discord to the next level? Regardless of whether you are a Discord Nitro user or not, there is good news for you, you can improve your Discord server and get more out of it.

Discord Nitro Boosting Guide

If you’re ready to give your Discord server a boost, follow the simple instructions below:

A – Select the server to boost
First, you need to select the server you want to boost. Once you are on this server, go to the Server Settings drop-down menu and click the Boost Server button.

B – Confirmation of reinforcements and advantages.
After selecting the boost button, you will see a new screen. This shows the privileges you currently have, as well as the number of server enhancements that have already been applied to that server.

If everything looks legitimate, confirm it by clicking the Boost This Server button.

Note that this screen also gives you the option to “gift your Nitro” to someone else. If you are feeling generous, you can click this button first.

C – Confirmation page (again!)
Discord really wants to make sure you know what you’re subscribed to, so you have to confirm again.

After clicking the confirm button, you will be asked again. This is your chance to step back if you have other ideas.

Discord knows that you are serious about server promotion. They just want to make sure that you are promoting to the right person. If everything is still correct, press the Boost button one last time.

However, you should know that you cannot move this Boost to another server for seven days if you increase this server.

D – Select your booster number

Looking for various power-ups?

After the confirmation screen is the place to do it.

Discord asks you to choose the amount of increases you want for this server. But do not worry! You can see the subtotal before paying it.

To change the number of server reinforcements, select a plus or minus sign in the window.

Electronic payment information

You are approaching the finish line, but you need to take care of a few details first, namely your billing information.

Discord gives you a complete breakdown of your current bill along with your Boost purchase so there are no surprises. However, it is a short show. If you need more information, you can click the “Details” button.

This handy window also allows you to confirm your credit card information to pay for your purchase. As a Discord user, the information is pre-filled.

Additionally, you get the legal elements of the Discord Terms of Service Agreement. Please read it carefully and click the “I agree” box.

When you agree with everything shown on the checkout page, click the Buy button to complete a payment.

Unlockable levels and perks

Each unlocked level comes with a variety of perks. But you need people to use your server reinforcement towards your server for this to work.

Here’s what the tier breakdown looks like:

Discord Nitro Boosting level 1

First, you get an additional 50 Emoji slots, bringing the total to 100 emojis. You also get an impressive 128kbps increase in audio quality. In addition to this, live streaming is also improved. You’re watching up to 720P 60fps for Go Live. To disable it, Discord now offers 3-day archive options for topics and their recent activity.

You can also get a client server invitation background as well as an animated server icon.

Level 2 Discord Nitro Boosting

When you unlock level 2, you will get all the benefits of level 1 and more. You get 50 more emoji slots for a total of 150 when you also include level 1. You also get better sound quality at 256kbps and Go Live streams get another boost up to 1080p 60fps.

Additionally, Tier 2 gives you a server banner as well as a 50MB upload limit to the server for all members, the ability to create private threads, and the option to archive for a week until the last activity on the threads.

Level 3 Discord Nitro Boosting augments

As you may have already guessed, level 3 gives you full access to everything that comes in the previous levels. But the number of emoji slots increases to 250 and an additional 100 are added at this level. You also get other highs in audio quality at 384 kbps.

You really can’t go much further for live streaming quality, which is why Discord gives you a higher upload limit. Level 3 also gives you access to a custom URL to use however you see fit. Use any phrase, number or word combination to link to your server.

Remove Discord Nitro Boosting

It’s a simple process of adding improvements to the server and unlocking great features in the process. Discord also offers subscription privileges for all Server Boost purchases. You can move the boost from one server to another after the recovery period.

Discord only works when the community comes together as a team. So if you’ve found your favorite server, it’s time to back up with a boost or two. Tell us all about Discord-related activities in the comment section below.

What is nitro boosting discord?

Discord Nitro enhances Discord text, video, and audio chat all in one. Discover the benefits you will get. The best emojis. Collect or create your own personalized and animated emojis.

How to do nitro boosting on discord mobile?

To add a payment to your Discord account, on the left side of the Discord screen, select Activity. Look for an option to add Nitro Boost as the info on the left. Click the button to update

How to get nitro boosting tag discord?

Signing up for Nitro & Nitro Classic is also very easy. Go to the user settings page and find the Discord Nitro tab. Just click subscribe and select the monthly or yearly plan for Nitro. You will be able to subscribe to Nitro Classic by scrolling down the Discord Nitro user settings page.

What does nitro boosting a discord server do?

Boosting Discord servers gives the server that boosted special privileges. At the first level (two increases required), it allows you to have an animated server profile image / gif, increases emoji slots, high-quality streaming, and increases audio quality. The second layer (15x required) has all of the above advantages, along with a larger payload size, more emoji slots, and higher audio and video quality on calls. The third and final level (I think this requires 30 boosters) gives the Discord server a custom invite link / URL. Increases can be purchased at $ 4.99 per month (relatively expensive). If you have Discord nitro boost, which costs $ 9.99 per month, it gives you two free server boosts, giving you higher personal upload limits, use of animated emojis, and the ability to use emojis on other servers wherever you want. Nitro boosters can also be transferred from one server to another every two weeks or so. I hope this helps!

TL; DR: Increases make the server a bit better, but it is definitely not necessary for a personal or even professional server. Boosts can be obtained by purchasing them with a subscription of $ 5 per month or by obtaining a subscription of Nitro Boost of $ 10 with other benefits.

What does nitro boosting do on discord?

“Boost” is Discord’s term for promotion. You can use “Nitro Boosts” to update your private account, which will give you additional privileges for each server you are a member of.

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