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Discord Browser Login

Now that you have registered and verified your account, if you have logged out, you can follow the steps below to log in to your application!

How to Login to Discord on Browser

The question is that how to log in to discord on the browser? If you are using a browser, please visit https://discord.com/login first!

If you are using a desktop or mobile device, you can open the Discord application directly on your device to discord browser login! (You can find more information on how to download the app here.)

After entering the login page, enter 1) your email address or 2) the official verification phone number of your Discord account in the first text box.

In the second box, type the password associated with your account! 

Discord Browser Login on Mobile


If you already have the Discord mobile application and want to log in quickly and securely on the desktop and mobile applications, you can also log in with a QR code!

To log in with a QR code, please log in to your Discord account on your mobile device.

Then go to the “User Settings” menu in the Discord mobile app and select the “Scan QR Code” option.

Note: The application will ask your phone’s camera to allow scanning of the QR code!

After the scanner is turned on, just stack the box with the QR code on the screen, and then you will be asked to verify the Discord connection on your mobile device.

For more information on this login process, be sure to check this link here.

Note: Never approve a connection using a QR code that you did not create yourself! If someone else sends you a QR code to open the login verification screen, press Cancel immediately.


We are currently running a test that will allow you to provide an email address or phone number and an 8-character login code that will be sent to you via email or SMS.

After receiving this login code, you can enter it again in the app to complete the login process.

Note: This is the current experience and not everyone can access it! Stay tuned for more details in the future!

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

how to login to discord on a different browser?

Currently, the Chrome browser I have been using for Discord is not working properly, so I am currently using Microsoft Edge. When I open a case, I write down my account name, but when I try to “confirm” it says my email has been used, it is treated as a new account. How do I log in to your account?

how to login to discord browser app?

Open a web browser and go to the Discord application website. Select to open Discord in your browser. Enter the desired username and select the arrow to the right of the text field. Your username does not have to be unique.

how to login to discord web browser version that's signed in?

When you click “Add Account”, you will access the usual login screen, but you can choose to cancel. Then, after logging in, click “Change Account” to access the list of all accounts.

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